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Events Tickets Demo

This event is a demo for Event Tickets Plus, a ticket selling plugin you can purchase to use with The Events Calendar. You can read more about Event Tickets Plus and our other plugins on our main site.

We’re having a party to celebrate all the great feedback we’ve received about Event Tickets Plus since it launched!

Everyone who wishes to attend is invited and we have lots of fun fake events lined up for the whole family:

  • Face painting
  • Bouncy castle
  • QA Roundtable with our support team
  • Keynote speech from Shane Pearlman, CEO of Modern Tribe
  • Bouncy castle
  • And much, much more!

See how Event Tickets Plus works by “purchasing” a ticket from the form below.

You won’t be charged – this is only a demo to show you how Event Tickets Plus can help you sell more tickets on your site.

Startup Happy Hour!

Startup Happy Hour! is a friendly, informal gathering of like-minded people from the Portland Startup Scene.

There are no pitches, no nametags, and no agenda – just hanging out, making new connections, and enjoying each other’s company.

We’re meeting this Friday at 4:30 PM at the Green Dragon.

When you arrive, please gather in the area by the back bar. We request that guests mingle around freely rather than clustering around a single table – this makes it easier for everyone to meet each other and network effectively.

You are welcome to arrive and leave at leisure — the start and end times function within a fluid continuum. That said, we find that the event works best when most people arrive within the first 15 minutes or so.


WordPress PubPress Meetup

A warm welcome to all those WordPress users and developers in Dublin, Ireland.

The meetup is aimed at brining together a community of WordPress business users/entrepreneurs, bloggers, developers.

The format is mostly relaxed and social.  Bring plenty of business cards, grab a beer and network!

Look for a table sign with the group logo or ask the bar staff.

Whether you’re a blogger, developer or business owner – come along, network, learn and drink beer.

Use the hash tag #WPDublin on Twitter for updates or Follow us on @DublinWordpress

WordPress Denver Happiness Hour

If you are a front-end designer, intense developer, writer, or a person that likes to poke around on the Dashboard, then come on by. Bring your WordPress work and questions.

The meetup will be in the IdeaLab. It is in the Community Technology Center at the Central Library, on the southwest end of level 4. Take the elevators up and walk into the computer lab. Head towards, and then past the Ask Desk – look for the big glass door behind the stacks of computer books.

CodeforCuritiba Hack Night

Come join developers, designers, nerds, data geeks, leaders, and idea-makers who volunteer to help government and civic organizations adopt open web technologies for Brazil. We are technology and civic activists fostering community-authored projects.

We are OpenBrazil.org, we are Code For Brazil!

Come for games, networking, and hacking projects!