About WP Shindig

Welcome to WP Shindig! This site is produced and maintained by the team at Modern Tribe and The Events Calendar to connect folks in the WordPress community together by sharing WordPress events.

WP Shindig is truly a resource for you — the community — and we’re always looking for events or happenings we may have missed to add to the calendar. If you’ve got one worth sharing, please submit it so we can publish your event for public consumption.

And, if it isn’t already obvious, this site is using The Events Calendar to power the calendar. While this isn’t meant to be a demo of our products (you can find that here), we love that The Events Calendar is flexible enough to power all sorts of use cases, whether it’s a community calendar like this, a place to sell tickets, an internal team calendar, or an aggregated source of events that fetches new posts automatically, among many other things.

This site specifically uses the following plugins and add-ons:

  • The Events Calendar: This powers the calendar and the ability to create and manage events directly in WordPress.
  • Events Calendar Pro: This extends The Events Calendar to support recurring events, custom event fields, additional calendar views, and support for venue and organizer pages.
  • Community Events: This also extends The Events Calendar so that visitors like yourself are welcome to submit events from the front end of the site without having to grant direct access to the WordPress admin.
  • Event Aggregator: This is a service that allows us to automatically import events from different calendars on a scheduled basis.

That’s the stack we’re using, but there are so many more combinations and possibilities to create a powerful, robust (and darn good looking) calendar for any WordPress site.