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Event Tickets Plus demo

This event is a demo for Event Tickets Plus, a ticket selling plugin you can purchase to use with or without The Events Calendar. You can read more about Event Tickets Plus and our other plugins on our main site.

Event Tickets Plus is a premium add-on for Event Tickets which provides additional features and functionality. This example event shows off these advanced features so you can see them and check out the ticket purchase experience.

Check out these examples of Event Tickets Plus in action!

Custom Attendee Registration –¬†select a VIP or Adult ticket below to see examples of our fully-customizable registration forms.

Shared Capacity Tickets – Event Tickets Plus has shared capacity options so that you can sell different types of tickets from one pool of stock. Select either of the General Admission tickets below and see the available number decrease for both. With shared capacity you can offer different types of tickets without fear of over-selling your venue.

Emailed tickets with QR codes Рattendees will receive an emailed ticket with event information and a unique QR code. Go through the checkout process below and enter your email to receive an example ticket.

This event is just an example, and the tickets below are not real. You can go through the entire checkout process but you will not be charged.